Place: Edinburgh [city/town], Edinburghshire (Midlothian) [county], Scotland [country], United Kingdom [country]

Place name (English):Edinburgh
Place name (local language):
Place name (alt. local language):
Place name (older spelling):
Place name (other common spelling/language):
Place type:city/town
Is in the area of:Edinburghshire (Midlothian)


1Adela Caroline Hariet Capell (-31 December 1860), parents: Arthur Capell
2Agnes Boyd (-18 July 1584), parents: Robert Boyd and Margaret Colquhoun
3Agnes Keith (-16 July 1588), parents: William Keith and Margaret Keith
4Alexander Anderson of Kingask (around 1751-26 November 1818), parents: James Anderson of Monthrive and Janet Lindsay
5Alexander Bruce (-20 April 1745), surgeon apothecary, parents: Alexander Bruce of Garlet and Margaret Cleland
6Alexander Campbell Sinclair (24 July 1790-24 December 1855), 13. Earl of Caithness, parents: Sir James Sinclair of Mey and Jean Campbell
7Alexander Charteris (-21 June 1650), captain in the Royalist Army, parents: Sir John Charteris of Amisfield and Margaret Fleming
8Alexander Irvine of Saphock (1679-1745), advocate in Edinburgh, parents: John Irvine of Saphock and Janet Birnie
9Alexander Kincaid (-after 12 June 1747), bookseller
10Alexander Kincaid (-)
11Alexander King (-December 1595), advocate, parents: James King of Barra and Isobel (Elizabeth) Gray
12Alexander Lindsay (1590-), parents: John Lindsay of Balcarres and Marion Guthrie
13Alexander Monteith (-), surgeon-apothecary
14Alexander Mowat of Stonehouse (-after 19 February 1507-8), Laird of Stonehouse
15Alexander Murray MacGregor (-18 July 1823), Major-General
16Alexander Ogilvy (-1 December 1771), 7. Lord Banff, parents: Alexander Ogilvy, younger of Forglen and Jane Frend
17Alexander Scott (-), goldsmith
18Alexander Stewart (-1638), Lord Garlies, parents: Alexander Stewart and Grizel Gordon
19Alexander Telfer of Redhouse (-), burgess of Edinburgh
20Alexander Tytler of Woodhouselee (-), writer in Edinburgh
21Andrew Charteris (-), merchant, parents: William Charteris of Achinstrowane and Catherine Marjoribanks
22Andrew Leper (-around 5 March 1400), burgess
23Andrew Napier (-), merchant and burgess
24Annas (Agnes) Elphinstone (27 October 1579-18 September 1617), parents: Alexander Elphinstone and Jane/Jean Livingston
25Anne Gordon (17 January 1709-15 April 1755), parents: William Gordon and Mary Leslie
26Anne Lindsay (1674-3 February 1743), parents: Colin Lindsay and Jean Carnegie
27Anne Murray (27 February 1618-), parents: John Murray
28Archibald Buchanan of Torry (-), Collector of Customs
29Archibald Roden Hogg (-), Solicitor
30Catharine Lauder (-)
31Catherine Lindsay (1583-), parents: John Lindsay of Balcarres and Marion Guthrie
32Charles Boyd (-6 October 1792), major, parents: Charles Boyd
33Charles Boyd (10 February 1728-3 August 1782), parents: William Boyd and Anne Livingston
34Charles Elphinstone (6 August 1711-6 April 1781), 10. Lord Elphinstone, parents: Charles Elphinstone and Elizabeth Primrose
35Charles Elphinstone (18 May 1676-), parents: John Elphinstone and Isabel Maitland
36Charles Sinclair of Scalloway (-3 July 1710), parents: Arthur Sinclair of Scalloway and Grizel Sinclair of Houss
37Charles William Campbell (14 March 1789-18 January 1861), lieutenant, parents: John Campbell and Janet Butter
38Charlotte Ann Sinclair (11 March 1792-7 April 1854), parents: Sir James Sinclair of Mey and Jean Campbell
39Christian Ruthven (around 1665-1755), parents: Sir William Ruthven of Dunglass and Catherine Douglas
40Christian Tytler (1707-14 April 1791), parents: Alexander Tytler of Woodhouselee
41Colin Campbell (-), apprentice to Robert Campbell, merchant, parents: Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy and Elizabeth Campbell
42David Boswell of Balmuto (-1680), 8. of Balmuto, parents: David Boswell of Balmuto and Nicolas Young
43David Kincaid of Cottis (-after 23 March 1531-32), Constable of the Castle of Edinburgh
44David Lindsay (-1809), sergeant of Perthshire Militia, parents: John Lindsay
45David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (-before 1714), parents: David Lindsay of Kirkforthar and Jean Pitcairn
46David Monteir (-), merchant
47Dorothea Sinclair (4 April 1739-), parents: Alexander Sinclair and Margaret Primrose
48Ebenezer Maculloch (-), merchant
49Edward Kincaid (-after 1601), burgess of Edinburgh
50Egidia Smith (-), parents: Robert Smith
51Eleanora Macdowall (-20 September 1804), parents: John Macdowall of French and Elizabeth Crichton Dalrymple
52Elizabeth Elphinstone (24 May 1673-13 April 1758), parents: John Elphinstone and Isabel Maitland
53Elizabeth Fleming (1678-), parents: Charles Fleming and Isabel Anderson
54Elizabeth Forrester (-16 March 1578-9), parents: James Forrester of Meadowfield and Corstorphine and Agnes Forrester
55Elizabeth Gordon (-July 1616), parents: George Gordon and Henrietta Stewart
56Elizabeth Gordon (-24 January 1803), parents: William Gordon and Elizabeth Wemyss
57Elizabeth Haliburton (-3 September 1785), parents: John Haliburton
58Elizabeth Macguire (around 1724-24 June 1801), parents: Hugh Macguire of Drumdow
59Elizabeth Marbrough Campbell (4 May 1785-), parents: James Campbell and Eliza Maria Blanchard
60Elizabeth Montgomerie (4 July 1710-19 February 1800), parents: Alexander Montgomerie and Susanna Kennedy
61Elizabeth Pearson (-1665), parents: Alexander Pearson of Southhall
62Francis Harriet Leigh (-23 August 1854), parents: William Leigh of Rushall Hall
63Francis Hay (around 1598-December 1632), parents: Francis Hay and Elizabeth Douglas
64Francis Kinloch of Gilmerton (-), Lord Provost of Edinburgh
65Gavin Douglas (around 1474-September 1522), Provost of the Collegiate Church of St. Giles, parents: Archibald Douglas 'Bell the Cat' and Elizabeth Boyd
66George Hamilton-Gordon (28 January 1784-14 December 1860), 4. Earl of Aberdeen, parents: George Gordon and Charles Baird
67George Lindsay of Plewlands (-26 January 1771), city clerk of Edinburgh, parents: David Lindsay and Euphemia Wilson
68George Nisbet (-), fencing-master
69George Philips Alexander Sinclair (30 November 1858-25 May 1889), 15. Earl of Caithness, parents: James Sinclair and Louisa Georgiana Philips
70George Seton of St. Germains (-11 January 1718), writer in Edinburgh, parents: (Unknown) Seton of St. Germains
71George Sinclair (-9 September 1582), 4. Earl of Caithness, parents: John Sinclair and Elizabeth Sutherland
72George Stewart (-), parents: James Stewart and Ann Gordon
73George Wauchope (-), merchant burgess of Edinburgh
74Georgina Lindsay (-1830), parents: George Lindsay of Kirkforthar and Magdalen Falconer
75Grace Montgomerie (-15 June 1751), parents: Alexander Montgomerie and Susanna Kennedy
76Helen/Eleonora Montgomerie (16 January 1712-14 January 1747), parents: Alexander Montgomerie and Susanna Kennedy
77Henrietta Cunningham (24 February 1710-5 May 1774), parents: William Cunningham and Henrietta Stewart
78Henry Lindsay Bethune (16 November 1735-11 March 1819), merchant in Edinburgh, parents: George Lindsay of Wormiston and Margaret Bethune
79Henry Rollok (around 1595-2 June 1642), minister of the High Church
80Henry Stuart (7 December 1545-10 February 1566-7), King of Scots, parents: Matthew Stewart and Margaret Douglas
81Hercules Stewart of Whitelaw (-18 February 1594-5), parents: John Stewart
82Hugh Charteris (-15 February 1644), merchant and burgess, parents: John Charteris of Fuffok and Mausie Diksoun
83Isabella Elphinstone (7 November 1677-June 1679), parents: John Elphinstone and Isabel Maitland
84James Buchanan of Ardeuconnel and Craigend Castle (-21 December 1860)
85James Campbell (30 March 1754 "new style"-24 October 1806), captain, parents: William Campbell of Glenfalloch and Susanna Campbell
86James Dickson (-), Lieutenant-General
87James Duff (-), 2. Earl of Fife
88James Elphinstone (14 February 1681-), parents: John Elphinstone and Isabel Maitland
89James Kincaid (-before 13 January 1636), burgess of Edinburgh, parents: (Unknown) Kincaid
90James Montgomerie of Coilsfield (-March 1674), colonel, parents: Alexander Montgomerie and Anna Livingston
91James Mowat (-)
92James Ramsay (-), burgess of Edinburgh
93James Sandilands (-20 April 1749), parents: James Sandilands and Jean Hume
94James Sinclair (16 December 1821-28 March 1881), 14. Earl of Caithness, parents: Alexander Campbell Sinclair and Francis Harriet Leigh
95James Stewart of Ryland (-before 11 March 1524-5)
96James Thomson of Colmslie (-), merchant
97James Troup (-), merchant and burgess
98Janet Gordon (before 16 May 1720-9 June 1795), parents: William Gordon and Katherine Morison
99Janet Hyndford Elliott (-23 August 1825), parents: Cornelius Elliott of Wolflee
100Janet Lindsay (around 1757-17 December 1825), parents: Patrick Lindsay of Eaglescairnie and Margaret Haliburton