Place: France [country]

Place name (English):France
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Place type:country
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1Agnes de Courtenay (1202-after June 1247), parents: Pierre I and Yolande de Flandre
2Alexander Stewart (around 1454-), Duke of Albany, parents: James II and Marie of Gueldres
3Anne de la Tour (-15 October 1512), parents: Bertrand de La Tour
4Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie (-around 1535), Treasurer of Scotland, parents: Archibald Douglas 'Bell the Cat' and Elizabeth Boyd
5Baldwin de Reviers (1 January 1236-1262 before 13 September), Earl of Devon
6Carloman (around 867-6 December 884), King of the West Franks, parents: Louis II "le Bègue" and Ansgardis
7Charles III "le Simple" (17 September 879-7 October 929), King of the West Franks, parents: Louis II "le Bègue" and Adelais
8Didrik von Ahlefeldt (1598-around 1618), parents: Frederik von Ahlefeldt til Halvsøgård, Seestermüh, Arlevad, Stendorf og Nüchel and Dorothea Blome
9Elizabeth Hamilton (-), parents: James Hamilton of Donalong and Elizabeth Reading
10Esme Stewart (around 1542-26 May 1583), Lord d'Aubigny, Tarboltoun and Dalkeith, parents: John Stewart and Anne de la Queulle
11Fernando de Castilla (1238-before 1264), Comte d’Aumâle
12François II (-5 December 1560), King of France 1559-1560, parents: Henri II and Catherine de Medici
13George Forrester (23 March 1688-17 February 1726-7), 5. Lord Forrester, parents: William Forrester and Margaret Birnie
14Henrietta Stewart (1573-2 September 1642), parents: Esme Stewart and Katherine de Balsac
15Henry FitzJames (1673-1702), Admiral of the French galleys, parents: James II and Arabella Churchill
16James Beauclerc (1672-1680), parents: Charles II and Eleanor 'Nell' Gwynne
17Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (around 1613-8 January 1693), Grand Treasurer of Poland
18Johan Hendrich Rulfs (1733-28 June 1814), parents: Johan Henrich Rulfes and Anna Malene Halvarsdatter
19Johanna Ogilvy (1755-6-1826), parents: David Ogilvy and Margaret Johnstone
20John Baliol (around 1250-April 1313), King of Scots, parents: John Baliol of Barnard Castle and Devorgilla of Galloway
21John Comyn (-1242), Earl of Angus
22John Gordon (-), Lord of Longormes
23John Lindsay of Drem (-before 1626), parents: John Lindsay and Helen Stewart of Atholl
24John of Lancaster (before May 1286-before 1327), Seigneur de Beaufort et de Nogent-Lartauld, parents: Edmund “Crouchback” of England and Blanche d'Artois
25Louis III (around 864-5 August 882), King of the West Franks, parents: Louis II "le Bègue" and Ansgardis
26Louis IV "d’Outremer" (920/21-10 September 954), King of the Franks, parents: Charles III "le Simple" and Eadgifu of Wessex
27Louise de Kerouaille (-), Duchess of Portsmouth
28Margaret Johnstone (30 October 1724-1757), parents: Sir James Johnstone of Westerhall
29Martin de Kearnie (-), comte de Kearnie
30Mary (7 or 8 December 1542-8 February 1586-7), Queen of Scots, parents: James V and Marie de Guise
31Otto IV (around 1176/77-19 May 1218), King of Germany, parents: Heinrich XII "der Löwe" and Matilda of England
32Patrick Gray (-1635), Master of Gray, parents: Andrew Gray and Anne Ogilvy
33Richard Hamilton (-1717), lieutenant-general, parents: Sir George Hamilton of Donalong and Mary Butler
34Robert Clifford (1327/28-1345 before 7 November), Lord Clifford, parents: Robert de Clifford and Isabel de Berkeley
35Robert II de Dreux (1153-28 December 1218), Comte de Dreux, parents: Robert I "le Grand" and Agnes de Baudément
36Robert III “Curthose” (around 1053-February 1134), Duke of Normandy, parents: William I "the Conqueror" and Mathilde de Flandre
37Roger de Mortimer (11 November 1328-26 February 1360), Earl of March, parents: Edmund de Mortimer and Elizabeth de Badlesmere
38Sir George Hamilton (-soon after 25 February 1676), Marechal de Camp (Major-General), parents: Sir George Hamilton of Donalong and Mary Butler
39Sir John Stewart of Garlies and Dalswinton (-1419/20), parents: Sir William Stewart of Jedworth and Isabel
40William Crichton (-), parents: Robert Crichton
41William de Montagu (-18 October 1319), Lord Montagu, parents: Simon de Montagu and Hawise de Saint-Amand
42William Hamilton (-), parents: William Douglas and Anne Hamilton
43William Seton (-), man-at-arms in France, parents: Robert Seton
44William Sinclair (-), parents: Sir William Sinclar of Pentland and Anna Spotswood
45William Stewart (-before 1503), Seigneur d'Oizou and de Grey, parents: Sir John Stewart of Darnley and Margaret Montgomerie