Place: Holyrood House [building], Holyrood [district], Edinburgh [city/town], Edinburghshire (Midlothian) [county], Scotland [country], United Kingdom [country]

Place name (English):Holyrood House
Place name (local language):
Place name (alt. local language):
Place name (older spelling):
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Place type:building
Is in the area of:Holyrood


1Ann Watts (-29 December 1793), parents: John Watts and Miss de Lancy
2Anna Ogilvy (-27 August 1735), parents: James Ogilvy and Anne Montgomery
3Arthur Stewart (20 October 1509-14 July 1510), parents: James IV and Margaret Tudor
4Francis Hay (around 1598-December 1632), parents: Francis Hay and Elizabeth Douglas
5Helen Lindsay (-), parents: John Lindsay and Margaret Hamilton
6Henry Stuart (7 December 1545-10 February 1566-7), King of Scots, parents: Matthew Stewart and Margaret Douglas
7James Ogilvy (-12 January 1731), Lord Ogilvy and titular Earl of Airlie, parents: David Ogilvy and Grizel Lyon
8James Stewart (21 February 1506-7-27 February 1507-8), parents: James IV and Margaret Tudor
9John Hamilton of Letham (-), keeper of the Palace of Holyrood House
10Mary (7 or 8 December 1542-8 February 1586-7), Queen of Scots, parents: James V and Marie de Guise
11Sir Robert Sinclair of Stevenston (-), Baronet