Place: Holyrood [district], Edinburgh [city/town], Edinburghshire (Midlothian) [county], Scotland [country], United Kingdom [country]

Place name (English):Holyrood
Place name (local language):
Place name (alt. local language):
Place name (older spelling):
Place name (other common spelling/language):
Place type:district
Is in the area of:Edinburgh


1Arthur Stewart (April 1541-in infancy), parents: James V and Marie de Guise
2David II (5 March 1323-4-22 February 1370-1), King of Scots, parents: Robert I Bruce and Elizabeth de Burgh
3George Gordon (-28 October 1562), 4. Earl of Huntly, parents: John Gordon and Margaret Stewart
4George Gordon (September 1714-13 March 1736), parents: William Gordon and Katherine Morison
5George Hamilton-Gordon (10 December 1841-January 1870), 6. Earl of Aberdeen, parents: George John James Hamilton-Gordon and Mary Baillie
6James Hepburn (in or before 1535-14 April 1578), 4. Earl of Bothwell, parents: Patrick Hepburn and Agnes Sinclair
7James III (10 July 1451-11 June 1488), King of Scots, parents: James II and Marie of Gueldres
8James Stewart (22 May 1540-1541), parents: James V and Marie de Guise
9Jean Murray (-1612), parents: James Murray of Pardewis and Agnes Lindsay
10Jean Wemyss (-5 January 1715), parents: David Wemyss
11Madeleine de Valois (August 1520-7 July 1537), parents: Fran├žois I
12Margaret (Margrete) of Denmark (23 June 1456-14 July 1486), parents: Christian I and Dorothea von Brandenburg
13Marion Dalrymple (-17 January 1735), parents: Sir Hew Dalrymple of North Berwick
14Mary (7 or 8 December 1542-8 February 1586-7), Queen of Scots, parents: James V and Marie de Guise
15Mary Seton (-15 January 1698), parents: George Seton and Elizabeth Maxwell
16Primrose Elphinstone (27 January 1725-18 November 1759), parents: Charles Elphinstone and Elizabeth Primrose
17Sir David Fleming of Biggar (-14 February 1405-6), parents: Sir Malcolm Fleming and Christian
18William Douglas (24 December 1634-18 April 1694), Duke of Hamilton, parents: William Douglas and Mary Gordon
19William Ogilvy of Murie (-1669), parents: Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartine and Anne (or Agnes) Campbell