Place: Greenwich [Unknown/Unspecified], Greenwich [municipality], Greater London [county], England [country], United Kingdom [country]

Place name (English):Greenwich
Place name (local language):
Place name (alt. local language):
Place name (older spelling):
Place name (other common spelling/language):
Place type:Unknown/Unspecified
Is in the area of:Greenwich


1Anne de Holand (-between 26 August 1467 and 6 June 1474), parents: Henry de Holand and Anne of York
2Anne of York (2 November 1475-22 November 1511/12), parents: Edward IV and Elizabeth Wydeville
3Thomas Grey (-20 September 1501), Marquess of Dorset
4Thomas Howard (1473-25 August 1554), Duke of Norfolk
5William Courtenay (-9 June 1511), Earl of Devon