Place: Westminster [municipality], Greater London [county], England [country], United Kingdom [country]

Place name (English):Westminster
Place name (local language):
Place name (alt. local language):
Place name (older spelling):
Place name (other common spelling/language):
Place type:municipality
Is in the area of:Greater London


1(Owen?) (6 November 1429-1502), monk, parents: Owen Tudor and Catherine de France
2Anne Cornwallis (-12 January 1634-35), parents: Sir William Cornwallis of Brome and Lucy Nevill
3Anne Jane Saunders (April 1763-3 May 1827), parents: Arthur Saunders and Catherine Annesley
4Archibald Montgomerie (30 July 1773-4 January 1814), Lord Montgomerie, parents: Hugh Montgomerie and Eleonora Hamilton
5Caroline Matilda of Great Britain (11 July 1751-10 May 1775), parents: Frederick Lewis and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
6Charles Hamilton (30 March 1691-), parents: James Hamilton and Barbara FitzRoy
7Charles Ross Fleming (1711-18 December 1769), doctor of medicine in Dublin, parents: Magdalen Way and James Fleming
8Edward Seymour (12 October 1537 or 22 May 1539-6 April 1621), Earl of Hertford, parents: Edward Seymour and Katherine Fillol
9Elisabeth Berkeley (17 December 1750-13 January 1828), parents: Augustus Berkeley and Elizabeth Drax
10Eliza Baillie (29 June 1803-28 August 1861), parents: George Baillie of Jerviswood and Mary Pringle
11Elizabeth Reading (around 1668-16 March 1754), parents: Sir Robert Reading of Dublin and Jane Hannay
12George Hamilton-Gordon (28 January 1784-14 December 1860), 4. Earl of Aberdeen, parents: George Gordon and Charles Baird
13George III (4 June 1738-29 January 1820), King of Great Britain and Ireland, parents: Frederick Lewis and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
14James Albert Edward Hamilton (30 November 1869-), parents: James Hamilton and Mary Anna Curzon-Howe
15John James Hamilton (after July 1756-27 January 1818), 1. Marquess of Abercorn, parents: John Hamilton and Harriet Craggs
16Katherine Grey (August 1540-27 January 1568), parents: Henry Grey and Frances Brandon
17Louisa of Great Britain (7 December 1724-8 December 1751), parents: George II and Karoline von Brandenburg-Ansbach
18Mary Montgomerie (5 March 1787-12 June 1848), parents: Archibald Montgomerie and Frances Twisden
19Mary of Great Britain (22 February 1723-14 January 1772), parents: George II and Karoline von Brandenburg-Ansbach
20Richard (5 January 1209-2 April 1272), Earl of Cornwall, parents: John and Isabelle d’Angoulême
21Rupert (17 December 1619-29 November 1682), Duke of Cumberland and Earl of Holderness, parents: Friedrich V and Elizabeth Stuart
22Sancha de Provence (1225-5 or 9 November 1261), parents: Raymond Berenger IV and Beatrix de Savoie
23Thomas de Stafford (1368 or before-4 July 1392), Earl of Stafford