Place: Palace of Placentia (Greenwich) [building], Greenwich [Unknown/Unspecified], Greenwich [municipality], Greater London [county], England [country], United Kingdom [country]

Place name (English):Palace of Placentia (Greenwich)
Place name (local language):
Place name (alt. local language):
Place name (older spelling):
Place name (other common spelling/language):
Place type:building
Is in the area of:Greenwich


1Anna von Kleve (22 September 1515-16/17 July 1557), parents: Johann III "der Friedfertige" and Marie von Jülich und Berg
2Anne Mowbray (10 December 1472-shortly before 26 November 1481), Ctss of Norfolk
3Catalina de Aragón (16 December 1485-7 January 1536), parents: Fernando II “el Católico” and Isabel I
4Charles Brandon (1484-22 August 1545), Duke of Suffolk, parents: William Brandon and Elizabeth Bruyn
5Edmund Tudor (21 February 1499-19 June 1500), parents: Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
6Henry VIII (28 June 1491-28 January 1547), King of England, parents: Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
7Mary of York (11 August 1467-23 May 1482), parents: Edward IV and Elizabeth Wydeville
8Mary Tudor (18 March 1496-June 1533), parents: Henry VII and Elizabeth of York