Charles Brandon (1484-22 August 1545), Duke of Suffolk

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Additional names
Father:1William Brandon (-)
Mother:2Elizabeth Bruyn (-)
Spouses and relationship events
Married:313 May 1515Mary Tudor (18 March 1496-June 1533)Greyfriars Church (Palace of Placentia (Greenwich) [building], Greenwich [Unknown/Unspecified], Greenwich [municipality], Greater London [county], England [country], United Kingdom [country])
They had previously married in secret at the Chapel in the Palais de Cluny, Paris, in February 1515 and 31 March 1515.
Children with Mary Tudor:
Henry Brandon (11 March 1516-1 March 1534), Earl of Lincoln4
Frances Brandon (16 July 1517-21 November 1559)5
Eleanor Brandon (1519/20-27 September 1547)6
Occupation:7October 1514 until May 1515Ambassador to the King of France
Occupation:821 May 1524 until 20 May 1533Earl Marshal
Occupation:9February 1529/30 until his deathLord President of the Council
Occupation:10Duke of Suffolk
Buried:11St George's Chapel (Windsor) [building], Windsor Castle [building], Windsor [city/town], Berkshire [county], England [country], United Kingdom [country]
Died:1322 August 1545"The Palace" (Guildford [city/town], Surrey [county], England [country], United Kingdom [country])
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