Claude (20 October 1496-12 April 1550), Duke of Guise

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Additional names
Father:1Rene II (2 May 1451-10 December 1508), Duke of Lorraine
Mother:2Philippa van Gelre (1465-26 February 1547), Nun
Spouses and relationship events
Married:31513Antoinette de Bourbon-Vendôme (25 December 1494-22/23 January 1583)Paris [city/town], Île-de-France [county], France [country]
In église Saint-Paul. Marriage-contract dated 9 June 1513, ratified in Paris, Hôtel des Tournelles 21 June 1513.
Children with Antoinette de Bourbon-Vendôme:
Marie de Guise (20 November 1515-10/11 June 1560)4
François de Guise (16 February 1520-24 February 1563), Duc de Guise5
Louise de Guise (10 January 1521-18 October 1542)6
Renee de Guise (2 September 1522-3 April 1602), Abbess of Saint-Pierre7
Charles de Guise (17 February 1524-26 December 1574), Cardinal8
Claude de Guise (18 August 1526-3 March 1573), Duc d'Aumâle9
Louis de Guise (21 October 1527-29 July 1579), Cardinal "de Guise"10
Philippe de Guise (3 September 1529-14 September 1529)11
Pierre de Guise (3 April 1530-)12
Antoinette de Guise (31 August 1531-27 March 1561), Abbess of Faremoutiers13
François de Guise (18 April 1534-6 March 1563), Grand Prior of the Order of Malta in France14
Rene de Guise (14 August 1536-1566), Marquis d'Elbœuf15
Children with :
Claude (-23 August 1612), Abbé de Saint-Nicaise16
Occupation:171497Seigneur de Beauménil et de Cléon
Occupation:18from 3 October 1504Seigneur de Martigues
Occupation:191506Comte de Guise
Occupation:201508Seigneur d'Aumâle, d'Elbœuf, de la Ferté-Bernard, de Mayenne, d'Orgon, de Lambesc, de Joinville, d'Eclaron, de Sailly, de Montiers-sur-Saulx et d'Ancerville
Occupation:211513Comte d'Aumâle
Occupation:221524Seigneur de Saint-Dizier
Occupation:231525Joint-regent of France
Occupation:241547Grand Veneur de France
Occupation:251527-50Duke of Guise
Buried:26Joinville [municipality], Haute-Marne [district], Champagne-Ardenne [county], France [country]
At église Saint-Laurent.
Born:2720 October 1496Custines [municipality], Meurthe-et-Moselle [district], Lorraine [county], France [country]
At Château de Condé sur Moselle.
Died:2812 April 1550Joinville [municipality], Haute-Marne [district], Champagne-Ardenne [county], France [country]
At Château de Joinville.
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