Person group category: Burgess families of Bergen (Norway)

BarlinView association
BogøeView association
Crometie (Cromartie)View association
DanchertsenView association
FinlasView association
FlottmannView association
Forbes/ForbusView association
FormanView association
GieversView association
GordonView association
GriegView association
GuthrieView association
Leermund (Learmonth)View association
ListingView association
MarcusView association
Martens (I)View association
Martens (II)View association
MeltzerView association
Middelstorp (I)View association
Middelstorp (II)View association
MyndeView association
NienstedView association
RiimView association
Rip/RiipView association
RossView association
RulffsView association
ScharmerView association
SinclairView association
SnellView association
Sæbye (I)View association

This group is contained in the following categories:

Bergen (Norway)