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Source:The Scots Peerage Founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom, Volume II
Page:Bothwell, p. 161-67, V James Hepburn


1(Unknown) Hepburn (-)
2Alexander Gordon (1552-6 December 1594), 11. Earl of Sutherland, parents: John Gordon and Helen (Elenor) Stewart
3Alexander Ogilvy of Boyne (around 1530-before 1606), 4. Laird of Boyne, parents: Sir Walter Ogilvy of Boyne and Christian Keith
4Anna Tronds 'skottefruen' (-)
5George Gordon (-28 October 1562), 4. Earl of Huntly, parents: John Gordon and Margaret Stewart
6George Home of Broxmouth (-)
7Helen Hepburn (-before 29 April 1560), parents: Sir Adam Hepburn of Craggis (Crags) and Elizabeth Ogston
8James Hepburn (in or before 1535-14 April 1578), 4. Earl of Bothwell, parents: Patrick Hepburn and Agnes Sinclair
9Jane Gordon (1546-14 May 1629), parents: George Gordon and Elizabeth Keith
10John Hepburn of Kirklandhill (-), parents: (Unknown) Hepburn
11Jonet Beaton (-)
12Margaret Home (-), parents: George Home of Broxmouth
13Patrick Hepburne of Kirklandhill (-), parents: John Hepburn of Kirklandhill
14Sir Patrick Hepburn of Waughton (-1547), parents: (Unknown) Hepburn
15Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch (-)
16William Hepburn (-), parents: James Hepburn
17William Hepburn of Gilmerton, Crashaws and Cracho (-), parents: Sir Patrick Hepburn of Waughton and Helen Hepburn