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Source:Medieval Lands - version 4
Item of interest:England, Kings 1066-1837
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1Henry I “Beauclerc” (September 1068-1 December 1135), King of England, parents: William I "the Conqueror" and Mathilde de Flandre
2Henry II (5 March 1133-6 July 1189), King of England, parents: Geoffrey V "Plantagenet" and Matilda of England
3Mathilde de Boulogne (around 1104-1151), parents: Eustache III and Mary
4Stephen (1096/97-25 October 1154), King of England, parents: Etienne and Adela of England
5Alexander II (24 August 1198-8 July 1249), King of Scotland, parents: William 'the Lion' and Ermengarde
6Henry III (1 October 1207-16 November 1272), King of England, parents: John and Isabelle d’Angoulême
7Joan of England (22 July 1210-4 March 1238), parents: John and Isabelle d’Angoulême
8Margaret of England (1 October 1240-26/27 February 1274-5), parents: Henry III and Eleonore de Provence
9Margaret 'the Maid of Norway' (within a year previous to 9 April 1283-around 26 September 1290), parents: Eirik Magnusson and Margaret of Scotland
10David II (5 March 1323-4-22 February 1370-1), King of Scots, parents: Robert I Bruce and Elizabeth de Burgh
11Joan of England (5 July 1321-14 August 1362), parents: Edward II and Isabelle de France
12Joan Beaufort (-15 July 1445), parents: John Beaufort and Margaret de Holand
13John Beaufort (between 1372 and 1375-16 March 1410), 1. Earl of Somerset, parents: John of Gaunt and Katharine de Roët
14James IV (17 March 1472-3-9 September 1513), King of Scots, parents: James III and Margaret (Margrete) of Denmark
15Margaret Tudor (28 November 1489-18 October 1541), parents: Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
16Henry VII (28 January 1457-21 April 1509), King of England, parents: Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort
17Sir John Beaumont (around 1318-May 1342), Lord Beaumont, parents: Henry de Beaumont and Alicia Comyn
18Edmund of Woodstock (5 August 1301-19 March 1330), Earl of Kent, parents: Edward I “Longshanks” and Marguerite de France
19Gilbert de Clare (2 September 1243-7 December 1295), Earl of Hertford and Earl of Gloucester, parents: Richard de Clare and Matilda de Lacy
20Edward I “Longshanks” (17 June 1239-8 July 1307), King of England, parents: Henry III and Eleonore de Provence
21Matilda of England (June 1156-28 June 1189), parents: Henry II and Eleonore d'Aquitaine
22Mathilde de Flandre (around 1032-2 November 1083), parents: Baudouin V “le Pieux/Insulanus” and Adela de France
23William I "the Conqueror" (probably 1027/28-9 September 1087), King of England, parents: Robert II and Herleve
24Richard (5 January 1209-2 April 1272), Earl of Cornwall, parents: John and Isabelle d’Angoulême
25Eleanor of England (1215-13 April 1275), parents: John and Isabelle d’Angoulême
26Eleonore de Bretagne (1184-1241), parents: Geoffrey of England and Constance de Bretagne
27William de Burgh (17 September 1312-6 June 1333), 3. Earl of Ulster, parents: John de Burgh and Elizabeth de Clare
28Matilda de Lancaster (1310-5 May 1377), canoness at the Augustine Abbey of Campsey, parents: Henry "Tortcol/Wryneck" of Lancaster and Maud Chaworth
29Elizabeth de Burgh (6 July 1332-1363), Countess of Ulster, parents: William de Burgh and Matilda de Lancaster
30Lionel "of Antwerp" (29 November 1338-17 October 1368), Duke of Clarence, parents: Edward III and Philippa de Hainaut